Dear (terrified) future husband…

Actually, anyone’s terrified future husband.

I want to apologize on behalf of the unmarried female populace for all of the “Dear future husband” letters that are multiplying on the internet faster than the fruit flies in your bachelor pad.  I’m sorry because they’re honestly pretty creepy.  I’m sorry because they portray Christian females as an overly mushy and sappy specimen of womanhood who sit around writing letters to you and polishing their purity rings.  I’m mostly sorry because–although most of them have some sort of “but Jesus is better!” caveat  near the end–they really seem to put you in His place, and no human can live up to that pressure.

Yeah, we’re girls.  We’re romantics.  We think about you more than we probably should.  But please please please… do not run in terror from all Christian girls because of creepy blog posts.  Or long pinterest pins conveying extremely unrealistic relationship expectations mainly involving you becoming Prince Charming incarnate.  Or songs like “Dear Future Husband.”  I won’t even get started on that one.

I’m not saying that all expectations are to be tossed out the window.  Please be gentlemen.  Please be kind.  Please be a leader.  What I am saying is we know that you won’t be perfect, and we’re wrong when we paint you as the panacea for our soul’s deepest longings. Please do not accept that burden.  Jesus has already taken that job, and if we won’t accept the satisfaction he offers, we’ll be just as lonely with or without you.

And girls, let’s just stop it.  I personally pledge that this will be the first and last letter to a hypothetical husband that I will ever write and I invite you to join me on this pathway of removing creepy expectations from guys.  Next time you have an urge to write a “Dear Future Husband” letter, maybe you should write a letter to your true future husband, Jesus.