Bird Food

In my very first blog post, I talked about how thoughts remind me of birds–some fly through, others stay around for a while. Some persistent, annoying little ones stay around for no apparently good reason. However, for the most part, the ones that stay are the ones that are fed.

If I feed the stupid birds–like the Windex commercial birds that are always flying into windows–those are the ones that will stick around. I think I’d rather not. I think I’d like a mind that hosts beautiful birds–ones that are colorful rather than dull, ones that sing sweet songs rather than squawking, ones that don’t drop you-know-what all over windshields. I want to entertain the birds that make my brain a place of beauty, wonder, and richness.

So what shall I feed them? What do they crave? I’ve pondered this, and I have some bait I’m going to throw out this summer. We’ll see what it attracts, but I have high hopes that my mind will look less like a vulture-infested dessert, and more like a botanical garden–a haven of beauty and purity.

All that is an introduction to this: My summer reading list (created with the help of canva–the website most likely to distract me from reading this summer). Take a peek. Tell me what you think–too adventurous, too mild, too lopsided? What’s on your summer list?